Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is the beginning...

Hello women, girls, mothers, daughters, wives, sisters!
This is the start!
My name is Jacqueline Gunderson. My close ones simply call me Jacque. You are more than welcome to call me Jacqueline, Jacque, or whatever crazy nickname you find amusing.
I recently became a mentor of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. I know you've all seen the commercials, but when have you ever looked at the site they advertise?
Me, being a fond believer in the true beauty we posses as women, found the website absolutely refreshing. It's a breath of honest air I feel we all should inhale.
I will start speaking at different locations, different events, different places, etc. on beauty within. Not the beauty we see in magazines! Sure, it's fun to copy our favorite celebrity's hair style, but to what extent do we sacrafice our true identity?
My goal is to study, search, learn, grow and most importantly SHARE these findings with all the women, girls, mothers, daughters, and sisters of Utah.


  1. I'm glad this is here.
    Update regularly. I want my daughter to follow your posts!


  2. Hello Jacque!

    My name is Sarah Schwarz. I am a photography student at Utah Valley University. I am beyond in love with the Dove Real Beauty campaign and what it stands for. I aspire to work for this campaign someday. I am currently in a documentary photography class and want to use this concept of real beauty for my final. I was wondering and hoping you and I could get in contact and perhaps introduce me to what you do and possibly if you have any women or events that i could photograph. I hope to hear from you. My e-mail is Thank you!
    Sarah Schwarz