Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Not To Wear

While watching What Not To Wear the other day, I grabbed my paper and pen and started jotting down things I heard them saying. Not just from our favorite's Stacy and Clinton. I paid attention to the girl on the other end. The one saying she "didn't have time", never felt "pretty enough for beautiful clothes", or "dressing up will make me seem weak and 'girly' ". Personally, I have ALWAYS enjoyed dressing up. Though I am a huge sports fanatic and was playing basketball with all the boys till dusk, I never turned down an opportunity to put an outfit together. Now that I am older, I have been reflecting back on that. Was I shallow?
Stacy said something very powerful on a whim. It wasn't rehearsed, it wasn't scripted, or fed to her. She simply said, " neglecting your outer beauty has been neglecting your inner beauty's true potential."

Is all that came to mind while I hurried to catch it on paper. What a powerful thought. With respect to your inner beauty and potential, every woman should feel her presence is necessary. When you make yourself known to others and show that side of womanly nature, you are in your natural frame.
My friends, it is not unnatural for a woman to be beautiful.

Find the balance. Find the comfort. Find the beauty.
It's there! Each of us possess it and each in our own likeness. Do not compare it to the girl next to you in the mall. You won't find your potential there.
Take from this what you will, but remember to respect yourself in all areas of beauty. Do not feel you are too good to find yourself putting an outfit together, but in turn, don't find yourself too beautiful to need anything other than your looks.

By the end of the episode, the shy cellist who was too busy to care found herself saying,
"I don't know what clothes and make-up have to do with playing my Cello, but my confidence has soared when I play and I feel amazing."

Beautifully balanced is the goal.