Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have you ever noticed...

Have you ever noticed that someone you see at first glance might not be as beautiful as some, but as you start talking to them and realizing their personality is fun, their mannerisms are addictive and their intent to do good is refreshing?

I've experienced this myself a few times. An older woman, not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye, was just as hilarious as a stand-up comedian on Comedy central. She was very funny, smart, confident...

Another example:
While visiting Aruba, I had the opportunity to meet a most incredible woman we will call Janet. While my husband and I were walking around the pool at the resort, we were trying to find a place to lay our towels out and relax. As we came around a corner, there was a woman ( a mom of children in their 20s), super tan, reading a book with two available chairs next to her. I asked her if she were saving the seats, she said she'd be so thrilled to have us sit by her. We quickly placed our stuff, she continued to read and we headed to the pool. When we came back to lay out, we got talking a little. Though I already thought Janet was beautiful, I learned something so incredible about her in just the 10 minutes I had been conversing with her.
Janet was dying of breast cancer. She was Stage 4 and still cheerful. As I listened to her share her story of Chemo, recovery, surgeries, etc. I realized how absolutely beautiful she was! Though her breast were made of stomach from her muscles and her hair was shorter than the glamorous length of waist, she was BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't help but become such great friends with her for our 10 days in Aruba.
Her strength, resilience, experience, optimism, confidence, and acceptance of herself was so attractive. That, my friends, is what beauty is about.

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  1. Girl, you are lyrical, ya know that?!
    I loved this post.